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Eastern Wholesale Fence Co., Inc.

Ghost House was made possible by sponsorship from Illusions Fence in partnership with Eastern Wholesale Fence Co., Inc., based in Medford, NY.   Illusions Fence donated all the chain link fence, pipe and fittings used in the construction of Ghost House.

CEO Peter E. Williams Jr. was very enthusiastic about the project and invited me to speak to his art director, Jeremy Dean.  Talking to Jeremy, it was quickly apparent that Illusions Fence would be a great partner and would do everything possible to help Ghost House become a success.   Jeremy arranged a donation of all the fence materials needed for the sculpture.  

THANK YOU to Peter Williams Sr., Peter Williams Jr. and Jeremy Dean for your generous support of Ghost House!!!

Based in Medford, NY, Illusions Fence serves the New York City metro area (and beyond), which made them ideal for a sponsorship of the project.   While their specialty is colored and wood-grained vinyl fence, Illusions Fence along with their partner, Eastern Wholesale Fence Co., Inc. provide basically every fence product available, including chain link.

I provided Jeremy a list of all the materials needed, with the date and location for delivery, and he took care of the rest.   In spite of a very tight timeframe, they were able to schedule a delivery directly to the site with all the needed chain link fabric, pipe, and fittings--awesome work!!   

Illusions Fence's sponsorship of Ghost House quite literally made this project a reality for countless visitors to the park.   I am exceedingly grateful!!!

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